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25 Great, Geektastic School Supplies For All Your Back to School Needs

Apologies for uttering the dreaded "s" word.


  1. Video Game Notebooks Video Game Notebooks StalkingMarla on Etsy
  2. Chemistry Crayon Labels Chemistry Crayon Labels QueInteresante
  3. Space Backpack Space Backpack BEIER
  4. Game of Thrones Flash Drives <em>Game of Thrones</em> Flash Drives ThinkGeek
  5. The Hobbit Moleskines <em>The Hobbit</eM> Moleskines ThinkGeek
  6. House Targaryen Journal House Targaryen Journal Insight Editions
  7. Harry Potter Bookmarks <eM>Harry Potter</eM> Bookmarks bethydesigns on Etsy
  8. Kaylee Firefly Bag Kaylee <em>Firefly</eM> Bag ThinkGeek
  9. LEGO Brick Calendar LEGO Brick Calendar LEGO Shop
  10. Doctor Who Adipose Stress Ball <eM>Doctor Who</em> Adipose Stress Ball



  11. Welcome to Night Vale Mug <EM>Welcome to Night Vale</em> Mug Topatoco
  12. Welcome to Night Vale Flask <eM>Welcome to Night Vale</em> Flask

    Or, for the college kids...


  13. Portal USB Desk Defender <em>Portal</eM> USB Desk Defender ThinkGeek
  14. TARDIS Journal TARDIS Journal ThinkGeek
  15. BMO Journal BMO Journal ThinkGeek
  16. Weyland Corp. Bag Weyland Corp. Bag WeLoveFine
  17. Wonder Woman Tablet Cover Wonder Woman Tablet Cover SuperHeroHype
  18. LEGO USH Flash Drive LEGO USH Flash Drive PNY
  19. Batman MacBook Decal Batman MacBook Decal

    My Batman mask MacBook has been with me though two computers. The strong chin really makes it work.

    Southern Sticker Company

  20. You Shall Not Pass Stamp You Shall Not Pass Stamp

    For all you teachers going back to school.

    Geeky Stamps

  21. USB Bracelet USB Bracelet

    Because you're classy.

    bynordvik on Etsy

  22. Star Trek Travel Mug <EM>Star Trek</em> Travel Mug ThinkGeek
  23. Team Dragonstone Mug Team Dragonstone Mug

    For all your Stannis supporters. Everyone, right?


  24. Companion Cube Lunch Box Companion Cube Lunch Box ThinkGeek
  25. Lumberjanes Bag <eM>Lumberjanes</em> Bag WeLoveFine

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