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Geekosystem is Seeking Editorial Interns for the Summer!

If you are already a master of unlocking and have always wanted to expand the writing portion of your tech tree, you should know that you needed either pottery to open that up, and you should also know that Geekosystem is seeking editorial interns for the summer! That could be you! Keep in mind, you won’t be doing any kind of stereotypical internship duties — no getting coffee or delivering mail — you’ll get to write, and you’ll get your own bylines for everything you do write. If you want to do everything from deliver tech news to uncontrollably nerdrant on (and possibly about) the Internet, read on below for application and internship details.

The ideal candidate is a current college or graduate student looking for hands-on writing experience at a news startup.

Here are the two biggest things we’re looking for in applicants:

  • The primary qualification for this job is an encyclopedic knowledge of and obsessive enthusiasm for multiple aspects of geek culture. If you are knowledgeable about weird, cutting-edge tech phenomena, follow gadget and consumer electronics news, and/or possess a deep knowledge of video games and/or science fiction, anime, comics, or the Internet, then this is the internship for you.
  • The secondary qualification is being able to write quickly and clearly, without weird (or normal!) grammatical or spelling issues, on topics that you think up or discover on the interwebs.

Bonus points if you have the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of blogging software.
  • Knowledge of the major personalities and figures in geekdom and the tech world.
  • Experience with photo-editing software.

Our interns spend most of their time writing, and most definitely receive bylines for all of their stories.

The logistics:

  • Our summer internships run from June to August, with flexible start and end dates
  • Interns must be available to work full-time in our editorial offices in SoHo
  • Interns must be current college or graduate students who can receive academic credit for the internship; interns will be unpaid

How to apply:

If interested, please attach ALL of the following documents to your application email, which should be sent to [email protected]:

  • A resume/CV, including references (please include any weird skills you might have, like knowledge of MUD coding languages or a Wizards of the Coast tournament ranking)
  • Any two samples of your academic or journalistic writing, each preferably in a different style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, etc.) (Although we are a blog! So keep that in mind when deciding what to submit)
  • A brief (1 page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal intern for a geek culture blog. Please also discuss your favorite Internet meme in your cover letter; if you don’t, we’ll know you didn’t read the entire posting! We’re sneaky like that.

Good luck, and get those applications in soon!

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