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It’s the Geekosystem Podcast! Here’s Episode 19 “Anarchy vs. Democracy in Groundhog Lounge”

The title makes more sense when you listen to the episode.

Groundhogs Fighting

Presidents Day can’t stop the Geekosystem Podcast. All it can do is delay it for a while. We’re back to talk about the madness that is thousands of people cooperatively (or uncooperatively) playing Pokémon, The LEGO Movie, and whether or not “Everything Is Awesome” is actually awesome.

Glen’s out again this time around, but he’s there in spirit as the near-weekly discussion about spoilers comes up as it relates to Carolyn and Victoria talking about The LEGO Movie around Dan, who hasn’t seen it yet.

We also look at group thinking as displayed through the insane experiment that is massively cooperative Pokémon.

For your Editors’ Picks this week, Carolyn was going to pick The LEGO Movie but thought it got enough attention in the rest of the episode, so instead went with some trailers that ran before it. She says:

Because the LEGO movie wasn’t an editor’s pick option, I cheated this week and chose the series of unexpectedly emotional trailers that preceded the LEGO movie (Watch the LEGO movie, now in theaters!). These trailers ain’t no Cars crap–each of these movies looks zany, original, and lovingly made. Box Trolls is from the same studio that brought us Paranorman and Coraline, and Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is narrated by Morgan Freeman, which is all you need to know. Watch and be reminded of how awesome the world can sometimes be.

Victoria is diving into the Star Wars expanded universe:

My pick this week is Heir the the Empire by Timothy Zahn, which I think may have picked before but which I’m recommending again now that I’m finished with the book. It’s one of the first and most important stories in the Star Wars extended universe and introduced a lot of fan favorite characters like Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Zahn also does a really good job of nailing the personalities of all the existing characters as well. It’s a really good read, though I’d maybe suggest to first-time readers not to pick up the 20th anniversary edition if you can help it, because there are a lot of really cool footnotes that can unfortunately be distracting at times. Other than that, you won’t be disappointed.

Dan really wants to pick Ed, but because NBC refuses to make it readily available, he goes another way:

This week, I pick the Jamaican Bobsled team’s weird 8-bit music video, because if I’m going to have to sit through weeks of nothing but sports happening, my favorite part of it is absolutely something that reminds me of a ridiculous sports movie. The 8-bit animation doesn’t hurt, either.

They’ve apparently synced the song up to somehow follow along with the actual Olympic bobsled track as teams make their runs, so go ahead and make your Olympics a little bit more surreal with it if you watch some bobsledding this week.

As always, our theme song is “A Theme for Harold var. 3” by Kevin MacLeod.

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