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Geekolinks: 8/27

bear boat

  1. Why was Miley’s twerking yesterday’s top story? The Onion explains, and it’s totally depressing. (The Onion)
  2. On Illinois’ official employment page, you can search for a job in Klingon. (The Mary Sue)
  3. Why do tennis players grunt? Actually, science can explain that. (Mental Floss)
  4. This is what a John Scalzi mic drop reads like, and it is brilliant. (Whatever)
  5. Kyrgyzstan just had its first case of plague in three decades. (BBC)
  6. UK badger cull is basically Watership Down but sadder and with more badgers (New Scientist)
  7. Et tu, little bodega? Brooklyn’s A-Rod Grocery is changing its name. (SportsGrid)
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