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Geekolinks 6/3


  1. Google Maps now lets you select “dragon” as a mode of transportation. (Neatorama)
  2. What causes that amazing smell after it rains? (Boing Boing)
  3. Religious group wants to build an embassy for aliens in Canada. (HuffPo Weird)
  4. Pedro Pascal describes the aftermath of that traumatizing Game of Thrones fight (The Mary Sue)
  5. TGI Fridays just launched a food truck, the medium is officially dead. (The Braiser)
  6. Here’s a video of a dog using a catapult to play fetch with itself. (Sploid)
  7. Five guys playing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on beer bottles. (Jezebel)

(Title Pic via kloputzer2000 on Reddit)

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