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Geekolinks 3/22


  1. These penguins can’t get over this rope and I can’t stop laughing at them (HuffPo Weird)
  2. Here’s Kevin Bacon in a shot-for-shot remake of the Footloose dance (Neatorama)
  3. Cute factor is over 9000: Wall-E remade with kittens (The Mary Sue)
  4. If you misbehave in class, this teacher will spoil Game of Thrones for you (Mediaite)
  5. Some facts (kinda) on that strange bird-thing McDonalds mascot (The Maude)
  6. David Tennant talking about Xbox Sports is literally too much to handle (The Mary Sue)
  7. This is a vending machine. For pizza. A pizza vending machine. I know. (Mental Floss)

(Title pic via larro1216 on Reddit)

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