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Geekolinks 3/14



  1. Star Wars characters dancing around to what we understand to be popular music (Laughing Squid)
  2. Scientists debunk the “10,000 hours to be an expert” thing. Have fun never being an expert (Neatorama)
  3. Here’s Boba Fett as a lady in case you wondered what that’d be like (The Mary Sue)
  4. Here are 26 crazy facts about children’s television (Mental Floss)
  5. Speaking of TV, here’s a weird, 90s TV reference-filled political rant (Mediaite)
  6. And here’s a pretty awkward Nintendo ad (Kotaku)
  7. Ummm… but not as awkward as closing down a highway to look for a missing penis (HuffPo Weird)

(Title pic via Htick on Reddit)

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