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Geekolinks 2/7

Veggiesaurus Meatasaurus, Lex!



  1. Simpsons did it! 5 times the Simpsons predicted real life (Mental Floss)
  2. Outfit yourself in some Doctor Whoodies (The Mary Sue)
  3. Google’s autocompletes get even weirder when they’re illustrated (Neatorama)
  4. Here are some cats inserted into anime, because this is the Internet (Laughing Squid)
  5. The cast of Monuments Men read mean tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel (UPROXX)
  6. Instagram would have been way more complicated in the `80s (HyperVocal)
  7. Jay Leno said goodbye to The Tonight Show last night for good, probably (Mediaite)

(Title pic via Slothkitty on Reddit)

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