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Geekolinks 12/26


  1. If your teenager sat around looking at their phone all of yesterday, it’s apparently your fault (Wired)
  2. The gingerbread house at your Christmas party probably wasn’t as awesome as this Optimus Prime (The Mary Sue)
  3. It’s almost 2014, so you need a new geeky calendar (Geek Sugar)
  4. Christmas might be over but you can still watch all of these Yule Log videos (The Jane Dough)
  5. Could an erasable Internet ruin Google? (Slashdot)
  6. Today in terrible news, George Zimmerman is probably going to make 100k off that awful painting (Mediaite)
  7. Neil Gaiman read “A Christmas Carol” and there’s video (Jezebel)
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(Title pic via Hbdarkman on Reddit)

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