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Geekolinks 12/20


  1. Whoah. Aee we getting a Rowling-penned Harry Potter stage play? (LeakyNews)
  2. The Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. takes a look at Wonder Woman’s TV costume through the years (The Mary Sue)
  3. People siding with the Duck Dynasty guy on Twitter have ruined one documentary-maker’s campaign (HuffPo Weird)
  4. 50 of the greatest sports moments in 2013 (Sportsgrid)
  5. Here are some of the trends that ruled Pinterest this year (Geeksugar )
  6. New screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisitions have seriously gorgeous environments (Eurogamer)
  7. Exploring the darkest corners of the Internet is trickier than it sounds (Neatorama)

(Title pic via Habean on Reddit)

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