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Geekolinks 12/23


  1. Gotta catch `em all! DUIs, that is (UPROXX)
  2. If only people liked real Obamacare as much as Obamacare heroin (HuffPo Weird)
  3. Grab a Han Solo in carbonite door decal to finish last minute shopping (Geekologie)
  4. Here’s how you can avoid Twitter spoilers. The power is yours (GeekSugar)
  5. Sometimes censorship makes things more gross (and funny) than they are (Hypervocal)
  6. Wonder Girl becomes the Bay Area’s second superhero (The Mary Sue)
  7. This is one impressive “Twas the Night Before Christmas” rendition (Mental Floss)
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(Title pic via jmricht on Reddit)

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