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Geekolinks 11/6

doge of november

  1. There’s a new Ms. Marvel, and she’s a shapeshifting Muslim teenager from New Jersey (The Mary Sue)
  2. Hey, you know those Guy Fawkes masks? When you buy them, you’re giving money to Time Warner (Gothamist)
  3. Twitter has a lot of feelings about Bill DeBlasio winning the mayoral election in New York City (Mediaite)
  4. Read about the biggest unresolved art heist in history (Mental Floss)
  5. Is this animal headwear trend getting kinda out of hand? (Styleite)
  6. Now you an get life advice straight from Google with their Helpout program (GeekSugar)
  7. Archer‘s Pam Poovey teaches us how to resolve a conflict (The Jane Dough)

(Title pic via mylittlerevowution on Tumblr)

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