Geekolinks 10/10

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  1. Alice Munro won the Noble prize in literature this morning (The New York Times)
  2. Madeline Albright, Wil Wheaton, and Patrick Stewart are all officially Twitter friends (The Mary Sue)
  3. Well, homemade pizza and zombies is one way to market a book trailer (HuffPo Weird)
  4. You guys? Amy Poehler is just the best (The Jane Dough)
  5. John Green tests a bunch of lifehacks from the Internet. For science! (Mental Floss)
  6. Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel finally go head to head! (No disprespect to Ben Affleck) (Mediaite)
  7. Having a geek wedding? Register at one of these sites (GeekSugar)

(Title pic via Tumblr)

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