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Full-Size LEGO Anesthesia Machine


The Internet is host to some pretty neat LEGO builds, and we come across some fairly extravagant ones from time to time, but the above anesthesia machine built by Eric Harsbarger is on the verge of mind-blowing. Not only because of the true-to-life size, but because why would anyone build a LEGO anesthesia machine? Well, there’s a pretty reasonable explanation.

Harshbarger wasn’t building some kind of LEGO hospital, nor does he have some strange fascination with hospital equipment — he was commission by GE Healthcare to build a 1:1 LEGO creation of a GE Healthcare model anesthesia machine for a trade show. So, it all makes sense. Harshbarger isn’t some weirdo who has a thing for anesthesia machines and LEGO.

The model is packed with over 30,000 bricks, and mimics the actual machine right down to the last detail. Harshbarger is well-versed in making things, so head on over to his site and check out his portfolio if you’re so inclined to see things that have been made.

(Eric Harshbarger via Technabob)

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