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Gaten Matarazzo’s Recap of Stranger Things Season 1 Is a Perfect Primer for Season 2

Planning a Stranger Things rewatch before season 2 comes to Netflix October 27th? Well, if you’re a bit short on time or would rather get the Sparknotes for the show all your friends won’t shut up about (sorry not sorry), check out Gaten Matarazzo, AKA Dustin Henderson’s recap of the first season on Teen Vogue. Armed with a bunch of numbered props, the actor details all the significant events that have conspired in Hawkins.

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In addition to the use of awesome phrases like “smartacle particles,” it’s actually a really good rundown of all the major plot points. Also, he gets to put on Barb’s glasses at one point and makes fun of Nancy’s “doing the stupid horror movie decision thing” during that whole creepy gooey Upside Down tree portal moment. How can you not love a video where the Demogorgon gets referred to as “ol’ tulip head”?

On a side note: Matarazzo already looks so much older than he did in season 1! This is always a things with child actors, but it always takes me off guard that they are also unshielded from the passage of time. As Stranger Things moves on to their third, fourth, and possible fifth seasons it’ll definitely be much harder to pull off the “one year later” thing.

How did you like Matarazzo’s recap?

(via /Film, image: screencap)

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