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Youtube Singer Jonathan Mann Continues To Fight Gamergate Harassment With Music

Now, imagine if he was a woman...

You might remember Jonathan Mann from the autotuned rebuttal he made in September to a conservative group’s claim that women should stop criticizing video games. Now, almost a month and a half since then, GooblyGobblies are unfortunately still vocal, and the “Song a Day” singer has made nearly an album’s worth of songs smartly subverting the logic of harassers. Here, in his new track “GlomerGoot Comments,” Mann uses all the racist, homophobic and generally hateful responses his GiggleGaggle videos have received as inspiration for an upbeat, catchy tune.

If you liked that, I recommend also giving “It’s About Ethics in Journalism” a listen:

If, like me, you find Mann’s songs to be a bright spot of positivity in this cesspool we call the Internet, you can also check out “If It’s Not About Zoe Quinn Stop Talking About Her,” “Stop Making Us Look Bad,” and “Fuck yeah, I’m A Social Justice Warrior.”

On a non-GleemerGlobber note, “Take A Naked Picture of Yourself if You Wanna” might also be up your alley, although that’s a pretty perfect example of a video where I would genuinely be scared for Mann if he were a woman.

Keep up the good work, sir! If you ever decide to release a compilation of these songs, I’ll be the first in line–especially since then there won’t be any comments for me to avoid.

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