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“You Are Winning:” Read An Ex-Gamergater’s Apology To Brianna Wu


Earlier this week game developer Brianna Wu posted a letter of apology to her Tumblr that was sent to her by a former Gamergater. Wu, who was doxxed and forced out of her home by online harassers in October and who is setting up a legal defense fund for women targeted by the hate group, has received some especially contemptible harassment recently following a personal loss; in light of all that, a note of apology from a former supporter of Gamergate feels especially poignant. Wu notes that the following has “been lightly edited for clarity and anonymity.”

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Just wanted to say that I have finally broken, and it’s thanks to you, or rather, the treatment you have received since day one.

I tried to tell myself that it was all about the “Gamers are Dead,” articles, and the forums, and for me it was, always. I don’t even go online to game so never even engage with people there. But I was blind, some would say willfully ignorant about it all.

I told myself over and over that the abuse being received by women such as yourself was not real and put it out of my mind as I suspect many others have. I distanced myself from any abuse I did see and wrote them off as fakes, but it isn’t true is it? It’s more than the majority. I was wrong all along. I never abused, or engaged you or others, I signal boosted, supported campaigns, trying to stay away from the ignorance.

Whenever a confident woman comes along to have her say in any way she is shouted down and harassed by men like me. Men who have it so easy. We are blind to the faults of society and its focus on men. We don’t like to be challenged, but we should get used to it because I have some news for you: You are winning.

You are winning and these are the death throws of a petulant, selfish culture […] it is time for me to stand down from my pedestal and listen to women, to let them steer culture and not resist the betterment and balance they will bring.

The letter (which is long, but absolutely worth reading in its entirety) ends with a promise from the sender to commit themselves to feminism:

I’m sorry for the length, but I just wanted to let you know there are people out there who you will ultimately beat and win over with your sheer integrity. You beat me, and I’m so glad. I am leaving GG so I will remain anonymous as I fear these people getting to me somehow but if you wish to talk further please do so. I will listen, and would appreciate any advice on going further to become the person I should have been as I’m quite ashamed of supporting what was an ugly, chaotic mess.

I’ve rejected feminism from it’s very starting point and I’ve done nothing but stand in the way of people. If I can help let me know.

Of course, we all know how unreformed Gleebergloopers will likely react to the letter:

It almost goes without saying that one Gamergater’s gracious apology is fairly insignificant in light of all the ongoing harassment. But change is happening, albeit infinitessimally, and any chance to stop and take stock of that progress is important. Thanks to Wu for sharing.

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