Game of Thrones Spoiler Thread: Watch Sansa Sing Then Talk About Last Night’s Episode To Your Heart’s Content

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We’re keeping the comments section of our Game of Thrones recap free of spoilers for the non-book readers, but I know and you know that if you’re caught up on the craziness of Westeros you’ll have some things to say about last night’s episode. This is where you can chat about them… or anything else. We’re not picky. For example:

  • Olenna asking “what sort of monster” would kill someone at a wedding. I cackled. Cackled.
  • Loras’ characterization. The show’s flattened him somewhat out to be a stereotypical gay guy who likes fancy fabrics and dream weddings, but in this episode his reaction to Joffrey’s wedding stunt gave us a glimpse at how he is in the books: Completely and utterly destroyed by Renly’s death.
  • Because you know I’m a Stannis fan, can we talk about him sticking up for his daughter? And how, in the books, he insists that she get an education in things like geography, not embroidery, because she’s going to be his heir some day, not some punk-ass in-law, so she needs to be able to know how to do politics (not that Stannis is particularly good at it…). Can we talk about that?! Can we talk about Team Dragonstone’s awkward family dinner and House Bolton’s sadistic family bonding times?
  • Where did the poisoning happen? Was it when Olenna was messing with Sansa’s hair? There was no hair net. (Edit: Someone on Tumblr figured it out.)
  • Walda Frey, or as she’s known in the books, Fat Walda. Let’s all love her.
  • Potatoes. They’re really the best food, right?

This outfit:

Ellaria. Ellaria what.

Have at it!

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