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Game of Thrones Book Spoiler Open Thread: “First of His Name”

You know nothing Jon Snow

Game of Thrones fans who haven’t read the books, get ye to the recap for your non-spoilery comments. Book readers, this one’s for you. Let’s talk about:

  • Cersei was awful… cooperative this episode. Moreso than in the books, if memory serves. I kept waiting for her to pull out another “if you call me your sister again, I’ll kill you” in her conversation with Margaery, but she was so… civil.
  • RIP Locke. I’ll always prefer Vargo Hoat in my heart of hearts. You thlew my bear!
  • Jojen’s hints about the future were interesting. Is him seeing his hand on fire just a prophecy about Craster’s Keep burning down… or does it mean something else, about dragons, say? And does Jojen see himself being around for that? Or is he paste?
  • Kristy’s comment in her recap that “Of all the characters on this show, my wish is for Pod to avoid slaughter” made my heart clench a little. He could still be alive. Pod, you’re too cute to die!
  • Littlefinger is so evil. How does anyone trust him?
  • His and Sansa’s detour to the Casa Littlefinger before they got they got to the Vale was cut. Does anyone remember what went down there? Was it anything important? I really need to reread.
  • Now that Craster’s Keep is a memory, is Bran’s storyline more or less back on track with where it was in the books? Whither Coldhands?

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