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The Game Genie Is Back And It’s Coming To PS3

Those of us who grew up with cartridge-based consoles remember that those could be really freaking hard. As such, sometimes cheating was practically necessary. Back then, old-fashioned cheat codes were still a thing, but the good stuff — the real awesome cheats — always involved awkwardly strapping a piece of third party hardware to your game, thereby doubling the amount of dusty connections that might fail, and crossing your fingers that this time it would actually work. If you miss that, I’ve got good news: Game Genie is coming back, and it’s going to come to the PS3.

Resurrected by a company called Hyperkin, this new PS3 Game Genie will be a USB drive and will enable users to do all kinds of saved game editing with ease. All you have to do is transfer saved games to the Game Genie USB, plug the USB into a computer, use the built-in software to write cheats onto your save, and then plug it back into the PS3. Sure, it’s a little convoluted, but it’d hardly be a Game Genie if it wasn’t.

The new old tech is due to be shown off at E3 next week where attendees will get a chance to see unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, and other power ups in games like Uncharted 3Batman: Arkham CityThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimTwisted MetalStreet Fighter X Tekken and Final Fantasy XIII-2. No word on how it will mesh with the PS3’s trophy system or online play, but there’s no doubt that we’ll find out soon. How’s that for a blast from the past that you didn’t see coming?

(via Kotaku)

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