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Tons of People at Gallifrey One Including One Doctor, One Companion, and One Mythbuster [Video]

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Did you miss the Gallifrey One convention that took place in Los Angeles last weekend? Were you wondering who might have been there, how many people came dressed as one of the 11 versions of the Doctor, if there were rogue daleks roaming about? Well, wonder no more. Athena Stamos has this excellent roundup of interviews for Crave Online from various people involved with Doctor Who seasons past and present, including 8th Doctor Paul McGann, former companion of the 4th Doctor Louise Jameson, Mark Sheppard, and a whole slew of folks who just really like Doctor Who, including John DeLancie, better known as Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation, who is asked about the IDW crossover, Eric Roberts, who played the Master and is asked about The Dark Knight Rises, and Mythbuster Grant Imahara!

Via Brad Hansen (The Lion King Rises), who also shot and edited the video. Thanks, Brad!

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