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New Fake Travel Site for Guardians of the Galaxy Makes Us Want to Go Grab Our Towels and Explore the Stars

What, no bookings for the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?


Viral in-universe marketing campaigns can be pretty hit-or-miss. For every Primatech Paper ARG or Capital Couture, there’s a dorky Daily Bugle Tumblr that’s trying just a bit too hard. Galaxy Getaways, the new website to promote Guardians of the Galaxy, places itself absolutely in the former camp by pretending to be an interstellar travel company with a fantastically Douglas Adams-esque sense of snark.

When you visit the website, the opening promotional video boasts in a very posh-sounding female British voice that “some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth look like shit compared to the rest of the Galaxy,” and that at Galaxy Getaways they “specialize and taking you beyond the ordinary vacation destinations.” Their company hashtag, by the way, is #YoureWelcome. Perfect.

The destinations featured include locations from the upcoming film, such as Morag, where Starlord gets caught trying to steal treasure from the Temple Vault in all the trailers, and the Collector’s headquarters at Knowhere (where the weather is “Who cares?”) You can even explore all the areas with a Street View. The graphics are just a bit Uncanny Valley for my tastes, but it’s a pretty solid effort nonetheless

Of course, the best parts of the site aren’t the movie tie-ins or the graphics, but instead the hilariously smug copy hidden throughout. This was definitely my favorite:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.40.58 PM

Are—are they quoting Zoolander right now? Jesus Christ, Guardians. If this is the type of humor we can look forward to on August 1st when the movie premieres, then count me in.

(via Digital Spy)

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