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Gail Simone Triumphantly Returns To Creep Us All Out With A New Secret Six Series At DC Comics

Is it weird I always start typing "sex" when typing Secret Six?


It was the worst kept secret on Twitter and Tumblr for weeks, but now it’s official—DC Comics is letting Gail Simone play with Secret Six again. But who’s on the team this time around?

The L.A. Times’ Hero Complex has the exclusive on this one (*shakes fist at Hero Complex*). They interviewed Simone about the new series, which is arriving this December. She described it as having a mystery feel to it, calling it the “Twin Peaks of superhero comics.”

“It’s so fun to write these characters that are really poor role models,” Simone told Hero Complex in a recent phone interview.

Rather than “brightest heroes or the darkest villains,” the book lives in the gray area between, with “private detectives, mercenaries, bounty hunters, failed heroes,” she said.

There are still secrets about the Six’s new incarnation she isn’t yet willing to divulge, but she did discuss a third of the lineup: The master hunter Catman and magic-stealing teen goth Black Alice – who is more powerful than she is mature – will make their new New 52 debuts on a team with the same name (albeit in a different reality) as the one they were last seen with three years ago.

From the look of these covers by Dale Eaglesham, it appears the team will also have one of the Court of Owls in addition to a few new faces (Eaglesham has also worked on the character designs, but it will be Ken Lashley on the interior art.). While I’ll miss the old line-up, I’m very happy with Catman and Black Alice. That won’t stop me from bugging the creator until she brings Ragdoll in. (I have a personal stake in this, you see.) Simone also told Hero Complex the plan still stands for Catman to be bisexual in canon.

Are you excited?

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