Gabrielle Bell Completes Daily Comic Project, We Award Her This Gift of “Major Props”

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Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist Gabrielle Bell took on a big project last month: she wrote and drew a comic every single day for the month of July. If you’ve ever tried doing something creative and then tried to force yourself to do it on a regular basis, you know how hard this is. But Bell has done it, and we salute her. She says that she’ll be taking down her month’s work August 15th, so we strongly urge you to check it all out before it’s gone! After the jump, read what prompted her to do this in the first place.

From her site the day she launched this adventure:

I had this idea to do a quick daily comic for a month to train myself not to be so precious about my work and to ease myself back into doing those fully realized color comics we’ve gotten used to. Then I tried a couple of pages and decided it was a bad idea. But once it was formed in my head there I found I couldn’t not do it. And so we won’t really know if this is a bad idea or a good one until August.

And here was her first entry:

Congratulations, Gabrielle Bell! I, for one, am very inspired, and I’m positive I’m not alone. Go show some love, everyone!

All artwork by Gabrielle Bell

(Gabrielle Bell via Comics Beat)

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