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Good News, Everyone! ‘Futurama’ Is Coming Back To Hulu, and Soon

It’s been 25 years since we first met Philip J. Fry, Futurama’s bumbling accidental time traveler. The animated sci-fi series has gone through more than a few changes over the years, including bouncing from not one, not two, but three different networks, but it’s finally returning for a twelfth season in just a few weeks!

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25 years, 3 networks, 1 devoted fan base

Futurama is the brainchild of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Groening and fellow writer David X. Cohen developed the story and characters together, then pitched the half-hour sci-fi comedy to Fox Broadcasting Company. The show premiered on Fox on March 28, 1999, and ran for four seasons, earning two primetime Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program, before being canceled on August 10, 2003.

But like a cryogenically frozen head under glass, Futurama lived on! Comedy Central aired reruns during their Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim from 2003 to 2007, which kept the series relevant and lead to a revival of sorts. Comedy Central renewed Futurama for 26 new half-hour episodes airing from 2009 until 2013, and then … nothing.

A decade later Hulu stepped in for the save, ordering 20 new episodes and premiering a brand new eleventh season on July 24, 2023. The reboot was a hit, so Hulu ordered two more seasons to air through 2026. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s discuss everything we know about the upcoming season 12.

When is the Futurama season 12 premiere?

Good news, everyone! The twelfth installment of Futurama will premiere on Hulu on Monday, July 29, 2024. The next ten episodes will continue to tell the story of Philip J. Fry (voiced by Billy West), a pizza delivery guy who is accidentally cryogenically frozen and awakens one thousand years in the future, in 2999. Fry goes to work for Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company, where he meets a cast of zany characters who soon become his friends and allies.

Season 12 promises to further explore the relationship between Fry and Leela (Katey Sagal). The crew will also learn more about Bender’s (John DiMaggio) origins in an ancient robot village, get cozy with A.I., and explore the history of everyone’s favorite addictive drink, coffee. All of the original cast members are expected to return, including Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil Lamar, and David Herman.

Is there a trailer?

I’m glad you asked, because yes! The new trailer for season 12 dropped on July 8, 2024.

Zapp Brannigan (also voiced by West) never fails to make me laugh! Looking forward to all the fresh new juvenile jokes the next season of Futurama has to offer. Season 12 premieres on July 29, 2024 on Hulu.

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