Preview Futurama’s Long-Awaited Season 6 Premiere

Last year, Fox announced that up to 26 additional episodes of Futurama would be produced for Comedy Central, which had then aired the show’s most recent fifth season (originally released as four direct-to-DVD movies).

With the sixth season finally just around the corner, what are we to expect from the one-hour premiere on June 24th? Comedy Central has posted a preview clip from the episode, in which Professor Farnsworth recounts to the temporarily-amnesiac Fry how their spaceship passed through the Panama Wormhole.

The scene then takes a turn toward the meta. Take a gander for yourself below:

Preview – Interstellar Fugitives
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For those of you who’ve already forgotten the general plot, as well as those who have always been curious but never indulged in the show, Comedy Central has been gracious enough to also provide a seven-minute recap of the last five seasons, narrated by Zapp Brannigan, no less. I particularly enjoyed the Lolita allusion when Brannigan calls Leela the “light of my life, fire of my groin.”

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Futurama New Episodes Futurama New Episodes Ugly Americans

Only twelve of the 26 announced episodes will be part of the sixth season, with the season finale being Futurama‘s 100th episode. I’ve never really been a Futurama fan, but I know there are definitely some hardcore followers out there excited for the show’s return.

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