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If They Mated: The Characters of Futurama

It Came From Outer Space


Becca Jones put a ton of ideas into the heads of Futurama shippers when she came up with the children that the show’s characters would have together. And as it turns out, she never stopped drawing them! She has a new collection of potential spawns of the employees of Planet Express — and the results are, as you’d expect, pretty adorable. (Pictured above, Leela and Fry’s kids with Uncle Bender.)

Remember Kif, who could mate with people by merely touching them? Jones came up with three-way Kif hybrids, because it you know, totally happened. (Which is technically our universe — in the future.)

Then there’s some more, ah, noncanonical children. Like Fry and Amy’s kid!

And perhaps most horrible of all: if Leela and Zap actually shacked up. (Like maybe when he faked that Eden planet?)

(Reddit via io9.)

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