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Funny or Die Brings Donald Trump to Us and No Thank You!

Lupite Nyong'o in Jordan Peele's Us.

**Spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Us… kind of?**

Us is a movie that leaves you thinking about the possibility of an uprising of those who look just like us, but throwing Donald Trump into the mix is maybe even scarier? If you haven’t seen Us yet, what are you doing? This is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss, about the exploration of trauma and what it means for that trauma to manifest and affect your entire family, Us has audiences all over the United States screaming.

Jordan Peele has a magnificent way of bringing our worst fears to life without us really knowing they exist. Did I know that I was terrified of doppelgängers? Not before this, but now I wake up every night terrified that a version of myself in a red jumpsuit is going to be standing beside my bed with a pair of scissors.

So what did Funny or Die decide to do to terrify us even further? They decided that we needed Donald Trump added to the promo for the movie. Representing the United States, this new promo shows the terrifying white nationalism that is running rampant and how the president continually denies its existence.

Honestly? I might be more terrified of this promo than I was the movie and I slept with my door barricaded and a light on for two nights after seeing Us. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is our every day. Sure, a doppelgänger showing up and trying to take over your life is scary, but a racist president running the country and openly starting nuclear race wars? I’d rather take on my doppelgänger.

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