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Funko Volunteers These Hunger Games Figurines as Tributes

Katniss  - Mockingjay

Prepare to give your three-fingered salute to the sky, Funko fans. Hunger Games Funkos are here and girl, they are on fire.


Let’s just start off by saying that it’s awesome that they have several different Katniss options, so you can either have classic Katniss (bow and pin and everything), “Girl on Fire” Katniss, “Wedding Dress” Katniss or “The Mockingjay” Katniss (or you know, all of them). But it’s also great to see our girl, Effie, get a tribute (amazingly apt!), as well as our fave bringer of the bread Peeta (great, but doesn’t really look like him?). No comment on that Snow guy.




Interestingly, they didn’t make a Gale Funko (Funko4Peeta?), nor a Prim one. And I don’t know about you, but I want a Caesar Flickerman to go with my Effie, please and thank you.

What do you think of these? Which Katniss would be your top pick? I’m tempted to go classic, but that Mockingjay one is pretty badass. And look at that detailing on the wedding dress one!

Katniss - wedding

katniss - girl on fire

Katniss - regular

You can get some of these Funkos (all of them except “Mockingjay” and “Wedding Dress”) now. The others are coming next month, just in time for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

(via Funko)

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