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Full Gadget Ratio Explained: FGR= [S((T+A)B]/[W((H*U)+N)]+h

Rosscott, Inc. webcomic The System does us all a great service by breaking down the “Full Gadget Ratio” — the actual amount of space a gadget takes up beyond the sleek main device.

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Here goes: FGR= [S((T+A)B]/[W((H*U)+N)]+h.

Translation: “full gadget ratio =[size of gadget((thickness of protective sleeve+adapters and power charger)bulk of carrying case]/”worry factor”((hours of use between charges*number of times used per day)+number of newer versions since you bought it)]+Planck’s Apple Constant.” Whew.

Check out The System for the servicey, full-sized comic.

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