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2020 Is Saved! Fran Drescher and Rachel Bloom Are Working on a Broadway Musical of The Nanny!


The Nanny.

Before we get our hopes up, I would like to be the truth speaker: It takes a really long time for a musical to go through production and make it to Broadway, so while my excitement is high, I also know that we probably won’t see a musical based on The Nanny for quite some time.

News broke today that Rachel Bloom (star and creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) was working on adapting the iconic sitcom for the Broadway stage and, if you remember anything about the show, it’s hilarious because Mr. Sheffield literally worked as a Broadway producer. (And also made all of us question what it was about an older man that was so attractive.) Maybe the musical will have Mr. Sheffield as the producer who passed on the movie version of Cats. (I guess making him successful this time?)

Rachel Bloom fronting this is extremely promising to me. As a fellow Rachel, there are very few writers/performers I stan as hard as I stan Rachel Bloom. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is still one of my favorite shows, and I’ve had a West Covina shaped hole in my chest since it came to an end last year, o news that Bloom is bringing life to a new musical based on an iconic show from my childhood? Maybe 2020 can be saved after all.

The excitement for the announcement is real. Many of us are excited for new content The Nanny content, but also excited about the prospect of the world of the show literally colliding with the source of the Sheffields’ wealth.

To be completely honest: I have never been THIS excited about an announcement before. I know how long things can take on Broadway. I’ve watched it happen. But I am willing to try and stay alive as the apocalypse looms over us if it means watching Fran and Mr. Sheffield fall in love again and again in a musical setting. I’ll do it!

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