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Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Star Wars Rant Is a Thing of Beauty

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Freddie Prinze Jr. went off on an episode of  Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast. In the above clip, Prinze calls out parts of the Star Wars fandom for being unable to admit that a lot of Star Wars is mythology and children’s fables wrapped into one. There is an especially strong “you’re just pissed off that Han Solo gave the Millennium Falcon to a girl.” Now those are Buffy’s husband’s words, not mine.

Freddie Prinze Jr. portrayed Jedi Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars: Rebels for four seasons, so he is pretty much a part of the official Star Wars universe. But since he isn’t in the spotlight of it as heavily as the new core three or Mark Hamill, he can go off a little bit stronger than other people. Honestly, it was just really refreshing for someone to show reverence to the franchise, while also highlighting that its simplicity is part of the charm. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to dissect something we love, that we can forget it’s meant to be fun.

“Learn your Greek mythology like, I don’t know, George Fucking Lucas did,” Prinze says. Although this episode is old, the video is newly uploaded so we can get the full effects of his rant/rage/preaching. Prinze has a little bit more clout on this topic because he was taught a lot of stuff by animated Star Wars guru Dave Filoni, who got his information from George Lucas himself.

As for me, I think that it is funny how the series gets called out for being “too progressive” when it was created by a bleeding heart liberal and even this new modern Star Wars hasn’t managed to give most of its POC characters a real storyline because it is too focused on Kylo Ren. I enjoy the new trilogy, but if you think that “SJWs” just endlessly sing its praises that is a misconception. If you love Rey, then you are certainly winning, but if you were someone who got into the new series because the first person you saw in the trailer was Finn (like me), this trilogy has been disappointing in retrospect so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it a lot, I love The Last Jedi for what it is, but we also act as though the needle has been moved really far in this new incarnation of Star Wars, but the only people it has really truly empowered are brunette white women. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you are just an asshole.

(via ONTD, image: Cartoon Network)

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