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Buffy 20th Anniversary: Looking to the Future With a Slayer Fan Film

To every generation, a slayer is born…

Woodburn as Melaka Fray

Woodburn as Melaka Fray

Fans all over have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Buffy The Vampire Slayer by looking to the past, but Geek and Sundry host Stephanie Woodburn and friends decided to honor the iconic show by looking to the future, in more ways than one. The group of fans created Lurk: A Fray Fan Film which gives a glimpse of what the adventures of a future slayer might be.

Filmed over three days, the film is based on Joss Whedon’s comic series Fray. Published by Dark Horse, the comic chronicled the distant future adventures of Melaka Fray, the first slayer in generations who is called to battle the vampires, now called “lurks,” that have returned from extinction. Mel must not only contend with the life of a slayer with no watcher to guide her, but also must confront her turned twin brother who has been turned to a lurk himself, while also contending with her older sister Erin who is in law enforcement.

The fan film is from Loot Crate studios and gives us an enticing glimpse as to what a Fray series might look like. Featuring some pretty bad ass fights (which Woodburn trained in MMA to tackle) and funded via Kickstarter, Lurk is an atmospheric tribute to the original Buffy. After the end of the seven seasons of the television series, Buffy herself continued her adventures in comic form (also from Dark Horse). The Buffy comic is on-going and she even met with Fray on a trip to the future early in the run. It would be fittingly full circle for Fray to make the leap back to the small screen from the comics page. After all, to every generation, a slayer is born…

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