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Fox News’ ‘Red Wave’ Predictions Make Their Election Meltdown Even Funnier

So your "Red Wave" is more of a drizzle...

Shelley Duvall approaches the elevator in The Shining.

So when the “Red Wave” for the recent midterm elections, which already sounds bad (and not in a political sense) was more like the tide going out than in, Fox News switched gears to cry about it. Before we get into it, let me first say that the Urban Dictionary defines the “Red Wave” like this: “When a close group of girls sync their periods, which can be quite dangerous for everyone else.” Pair that with the amount of times that Republicans compared their November 8 “Red Wave” to the blood from The Shining, and we’re in some weird territory.

But in the lead up to the 2022 midterms, Fox News kept talking about this period sync that was coming our way, but instead, we ended up with less of a wave and more of a spritzing of a Republican win. So what’s funnier than just listening to them crying now? Watching old clips of how much they talked about this “Red Wave” is honestly embarrassing.

On top of this, they are also in full meltdown mode over at Fox News because, for weeks, they promised that this was the Republican time to shine. And that’s … not what happened. So they’re all just screaming about how they don’t believe this and how this isn’t the punishing of Joe Biden that they wanted, and at one point it is even somehow bad for Democrats because … we’ll think we’ve won?

Online, the other side of the coin is that we’re all now getting the chance to mock the coming “Red Wave” that never hit land.

Let’s get creative with our insults

So to be honest, the reason I even saw the video of the “Red Wave” compilation was because I saw Red Wedding trending and thought to myself, “Why are we talking about Robb Stark in 2022?” but quickly found out that it was because of how the election didn’t really go as well for Republicans as they would have liked. Don’t get me wrong, there were still some Republican wins that are annoying, but not anywhere near a “wave” that is set to take over the government on an unprecedented scale.

But calling it the “Red Wedding” instead is boring and lazy. What if we called it the Red Stain? Or, if you’re like me, maybe make it into a Macbeth joke. “Out red spot, out I say,” has a nice ring to it.

Point is: Republicans are now in their whining era and blaming everyone but the fact that Gen Z and (as Fox News complained) single women were not happy with the amount of Republicans who wanted to take rights away. So we went out and did something about it, which is our right as Americans living in a democracy.

So sorry your “Red Wave” didn’t sync up and the world stopped a horrific change happening in the United States. But god, if you want to keep complaining about it, go right on ahead because it is absolutely hilarious to watch Fox News crying on live television.

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