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Fox News Wins for Worst Midterm Election Take: ‘These Women Just Went Crazy’

You couldn't have used any other word?

Screenshot of a tweet by Kat Abu reading "republicans flopped last night because 'these women just went crazy'"
Via Twitter/Kat Abu/Fox News

Content warning for ableism and misogyny.

Yesterday’s midterm elections have turned into an overwhelming victory for Democrats across the country. Slavery of the incarcerated was outlawed in four more states including Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont. Abortion referendums overwhelmingly reinforced protections for women and pregnant people’s right to choose. John Fetterman won in a landslide against Dr. Oz.

This of course, has Republicans scratching their heads about how they could have lost so badly. Could it be because of their out-of-touch policies that are radically more right than the general population? Could it be because of election deniers who act like spoiled children outright denying reality?

Well, one Fox News correspondent has come up with the worst reason Republicans lost the midterms: “These women just went crazy.”

Jim Messina, who is a Democrat and a former Obama campaign manager, attributed the democrats winning over Republicans and Independents, due to women ‘going crazy’ over abortion rights. Which is about the most sexist and ableist way he could have put it.

Women voters are not the Bacchae, they are not ‘crazy’ or ‘hysterical’ or any other sexist term meant to devalue women’s emotions or opinions. They’re rightfully furious or fearful for their safety.

Even more hilariously, Messina quickly walked back his comments.

Thankfully, no one is buying his excuses for the sexist language.

Unfortunately, this does speak to a larger problem in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Instead of seeing these elections as a wake-up call for what voters are demanding, they see this as a fluke. A temporary moment of fervor that will pass.

But it’s a movement that is picking up momentum, and one that will not go away quietly.

And honestly, I could see “these women went crazy” being on a shirt at the next abortion rights rally, alongside all the “Nevertheless, she persisted” badges of honor.

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