Fourth of July Google Doodle Shows Popular Recipes in Each State

Of course California is quinoa.
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The Fourth of July celebrates the nation adopting the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. It’s a day that American enjoy fireworks, get-togethers, and barbeque (lots of BBQ).

Today’s Google Doodle, or “Foodle”, is an adorable interactive map that shows you what some of the top searched foods are in each US state or territory—plus a fun fact about the dish. Whether that’s Puerto Rico’s tembleque, Hawaii’s shoyu chicken, or Nevada’s chicken adobo, the Doodle aims to inspire people to try out some new dishes for their Independence day. (North Carolina’s snow cream sounds like a refreshing treat!)

Being completely frank, I’m not that patriotic in general. Still, enjoying food with my friends and family on the 4th of July has made for some of my fondest memories. My family always celebrated with a huge variety of Chinese food and hamburgers. I especially love how much the food map shows a mix of cultures, Louisina’s gumbo, Mississippi’s taco soup, Arizona’s Spanish rice—these recipes and their popularity are the product of a diverse America.

How are you celebrating your July 4th, and what are you eating?

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