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These Fork and Knife Chopsticks Will Change Your Life

Over on UncommonGrounds, $10 will go so far as to change your life, that is, if you spend it on these Fork-Knife Chopsticks. The chopsticks are made of durable plastic, and have a rubber grip on each stick so you don’t slip and accidentally release a chopstick or two in the general direction of one of your eyes. The two sticks disconnect from each other and magically become a knife and fork, for when you really want to get that last bit of fried rice into your mouth, but chopsticks are the worst way of attempting to. For those not deft in the art of chopsticks, but too proud to pull them apart and use the fork and knife, the chopsticks are spring-loaded, so they’re like training wheels. But chopsticks.

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(UncommonGoods via OhGizmo!)

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