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Spoilery Tidbits About Our New Star Wars Villain and a Lost Piece of History Emerge


Star Wars: The Force Awakens details will keep dropping throughout the day from Entertainment Weekly to add to those images we’ve already seen, but the few we’ve gotten so far are every bit as exciting as you’d expect from a continuation of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Are you ready? They’re only mild spoilers that do more to stir our imaginations than anything else, but turn back now if you don’t want to go into The Force Awakens with any more knowledge than you have to. If you’ve already given in to your emotions and can’t help but turn to the dark side read further, scroll past the gif.


OK. For the rest of you, we’ve learned something likely very important about Kylo Ren, the sequel’s Darth Vader knockoff. First and foremost, the Vader-inspired look is an intentional tribute for the character as well as the filmmakers, as pretty much everyone has already guessed. However, he shares another important similarity with Vader that we didn’t immediately identify: he’s using a fake name.

As it turns out, “Ren” is a title he earned from the Knights of Ren (with Ren being the name of a planet, if I had to guess) as opposed to his actual last name. Couple that with the fact that he hides his face behind a mask, and it’s probably a good bet that the villain’s true surname would sound awfully familiar—though it’s anyone’s guess which familiar name it’ll turn out to be.

Meanwhile, another ghost-of-Vaders-past is coming back: Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, which was used by Luke until he lost it in The Empire Strikes Back. We’ve already seen the lightsaber in the trailer:


However, it’s now been confirmed whose possession it’s been in all this time: Leia’s. Somewhere between the original trilogy and The Force Awakens, Anakin’s daughter got hold of the family heirloom passed from Obi-Wan to Luke in A New Hope. Sadly, it’s unlikely we’ll see Jedi Leia swinging it around like a total BAMF, as it appears that it’s being handed off to someone else in the trailer—though that could be a flashback, so who knows?

Maybe we’ll get a Skywalker twin lightsaber fight, even if it’s just for practice? Or not—the movie will apparently answer “who is Luke Skywalker,” and it can’t be a coincidence that we haven’t really seen much of the Skywalker siblings yet. Maybe Luke finally gave in to his anger and let things get a little … out of hand,



and Leia has to bring him back to the light like he once did for their father? Probably not, and we’ll have to wait to find out about that and our confirmed villain’s origin, but this is all some exciting speculation fuel.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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