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#FollowFriday: A Bear (@A_Single_Bear)


#FollowFriday is the feature where we tell you about a great person on Twitter whom you should be following. Okay, well, this week it’s not a person. It’s more of a bear. But he’s a pretty great bear, believe us.

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Who he is:

A bear. 

Why You Should Follow:

You know how most animal based parody accounts intentionally misspell words and bend the laws of grammar to their will, presumably because a cat or a goat who’d learned how to tweet wouldn’t be too concerned with legibility? The bear is not like that. He is earnest and quite eloquent, and oftentimes very profound.

But above all else, he’s extremely interested in letting you know how much of a bear he is.

Recent Tweets

And then there was this gem, which we featured in some of our government shutdown coverage:

(via Twitter)

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