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#FollowFriday: John Green (@RealJohnGreen)

He's real close to two million followers.

John Green Twitter

It’s that time again, Internet. It’s the day when we jump in on the glorious Twitter tradition of #FollowFriday and recommend an account we think you should be following. This week that account belongs to author/vlogger/nerdfighter(not someone who fights nerds) John Green.

Who He Is

John Green is the author of the wonderful Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars. (Says so right there in his Twitter bio!) But we know him more as the host of the great list videos Mental Floss puts out as well as his ongoing Vlog Brothers series with his brother Hank Green (who you could also follow on Twitter).

Here’s John’s most recent Mental Floss video, 33 Fun Facts About 33 Colleges

When he’s not writing books or making videos, John is also a nerdfighter. What is a nerdfighter? Despite the name it is not someone who fights nerds, nor is it a nerd that fights. It’s a little difficult to explain, so I’ll let John and his brother Hank explain for me:

Why You Should Follow

Basically, John Green is awesome, and that’s why you should follow him.

Great Tweets

This isn’t explicitly about Flowers in the Attic, but…

John Green likes sports, but when he wants to live tweet a sports eventgamematch he does it from a separate account like a gentleman, and for this we thank him.

Besides his own tweets, John is an excellent curator of links and retweets you will probably find interesting. By following him you’ll probably also find a lot of other great accounts to follow. So be awesome. Follow John Green @realjohngreen and help fight world suck.

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