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Thing We Saw Today: The Folio Society’s Newest Autumn Collection Includes Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred

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The Folio Society puts out beautiful illustrated editions of important pieces of literature across multiple genres. One of the newest additions to their Autumn Collection is Octavia E. Butler’s iconic novel Kindred. It includes illustrations from James E. Ransome and an introduction by the also iconic Tananarive Due. As someone who loves Butler’s work and really found their voice through her stories, I’m super excited to purchase this for myself and others.

“Octavia E. Butler is one of the most important figures in speculative fiction history; a pioneering African–American author who won multiple awards and changed the very foundations of the genre. Kindred is perhaps her most iconic novel, a ground-breaking time-travel thriller that plunges its heroine into pre-Civil War America, challenging the reader to witness the horrors of slavery. For this edition, celebrated artist James E. Ransome was commissioned to provide a series of emotive illustrations and a beautifully simple binding design. In her exclusive introduction, author and journalist Tananarive Due draws on interviews with Butler to take a deeper look at this essential novel, and the questions it raises about history, guilt and survival.”

(image: The Folio Society)

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