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This Near-Extinct Flower Has Its Own Bodyguard


Do you have your own bodyguard? No? Well this flower sure does. It’s a Lady’s Slipper orchid, and it’s on the brink of extinction. Le Jardin de Yorkshire exhibition will be displaying one of the rare flowers, and a team of botanical experts/flower mercenaries known as the Cypripedium Committee have agreed to protect it.

Chief Executive Gary Verity of the Welcome to Yorkshire tourism board that is hosting the event said, “When you have the UK’s rarest orchid on your garden you need to take every precaution to protect it and we are having those conversations.”

The Lady’s Slipper orchid is on the brink of extinction so I understand that it’s valuable, but a bodyguard seems a bit much. I can’t really think of anyone who would want to steal an orchid. Wait…I’ve got it.

Image via Warner Bros. Batman and Robin

Image via Warner Bros. Batman and Robin

Better call in British Batman. Or at the very least get Kevin Costner on the job.

(via BBC News, image via Billy’O)

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