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Florence Pugh Makes Marmalade. That’s It. That’s the Headline.

Florence Pugh in the Black Widow trailer

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I never understood ASMR, but I’m assuming that this video of Florence Pugh making marmalade is close to it. When many of us logged into Instagram this morning (or last night, depending on your social media habits), we were greeted with Pugh making her own orange marmalade. Now, if you’re not familiar with Pugh’s cooking adventures, I have to encourage you to follow her. Watching her make ice cream? The highlight of 2020.

Many of us became obsessed with Pugh throughout the last year. Whether it was through Lady MacbethOutlaw King, or this year, when she was brilliant in movie after movie, we all fell in love and are obsessed. (I feel strange writing this because I have frequently been told we could be sisters, so I guess I’m just praising my sister. Keep it going, sis!)

But this latest adventure into marmalade-dom will bring a smile to your face—mainly because Pugh is rocking overalls and a cold-shoulder top while killing the top bun look. Okay fine, I’m obsessed with Florence Pugh, but so is the entire internet. She just wants to make food and be in movies. #Relatable.

The adventure in question is less than 10 minutes of Instagram videos, and yet, we can’t seem to stop talking about it. For your viewing pleasure, here is Florence Pugh making a marmalade.

What’s incredible is that it then turned into everyone kind of just screaming about Florence Pugh on Twitter. Why? Again, we’re just all obsessed with her. I think we’d be great friends.

All praise to my face twin and her beautiful Instagram stories of her cooking. Again, if you’re not watching these, you need to get on it ASAP.

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