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Five of Saturn's Moons in One Breathtaking Picture

Since it arrived in orbit around Saturn after seven years of flying, the Cassini-Hyugens spacecraft has captured some truly incredible images of the ringed planet. The latest among them is this photo, which was taken on July 29 but released just a few days ago. It shows five of the planet’s 62 moons and edge of Saturn’s rings, arranged with astounding artistry.

Since most people are not familiar with the satellites of Saturn, NASA has provided this helpful information:

Janus (179 kilometers, or 111 miles across) is on the far left. Pandora (81 kilometers, or 50 miles across) orbits between the A ring and the thin F ring near the middle of the image. Brightly reflective Enceladus (504 kilometers, or 313 miles across) appears above the center of the image. Saturn’s second largest moon, Rhea (1,528 kilometers, or 949 miles across), is bisected by the right edge of the image. The smaller moon Mimas (396 kilometers, or 246 miles across) can be seen beyond Rhea also on the right side of the image.

(NASA via Universe Today)

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