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First Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Comes Home

It's like if the kids in The Breakfast Club had superpowers.


The highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming lands next July, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already be stoked about it. In fact, this first official trailer for the film should get you plenty excited.

Here’s the thing about this trailer: it starts out feeling like exactly what I’d expect from a modern “coming of age” movie. That’s absolutely not a bad thing–at least, it’s not for me, as I’ve certainly made my love for such films quite clear. In fact, one of the perennial classics, The Breakfast Club, was considered to be inspiration for the making of this movie, and to be completely honest, it shows. It’s like, yes, Spider-Man is amazing and cool and awesome, but he’s also Peter Parker, and it really looks like they’re doing their best to give equal measure to both aspects of the superhero.

Towards the end of the trailer, the film starts to pick up some solid Sam Raimi vibes, harkening back to the Toby Maguire Spider-Man flicks. That being said, as long as they can steer clear of Spider-Man 3, I think things will be okay.

Also popping up in this trailer are Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), Peter’s buddy and knower of Spider-Man’s secret identity (whaat), and Michelle (Zendaya), the snarky, edgy girl sitting at the end of the table to snap Peter and Ned back to reality as they were staring just a little bit too long at Liz Allan (Laura Harrier), Peter’s crush. You know, that’s a real Harry Potter-esque trio of folks right there, plus Liz. Just saying.

This trailer also features the main baddie, The Vulture, played by Michael freakin’ Keaton, so you know, this is basically in the same universe as the Academy Award-winning Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). That seems totally fine to me.

There are also many returning faces here, as Robert Downey, Jr. reprises his role as Iron Man, along with Jon Favreau as his bodyguard, Happy (yessss). Eagle-eyed viewers might also spot a few more familiar faces: Howard Stark and Bruce Banner, both posed as historical figures at Peter’s school. Imagine going to school with those faces painted on a wall or posted in your science class.

Anyway, this trailer is packed with details, and it absolutely reeks (in a good way) of that fine Marvel movie magic. Here’s hoping the entire movie can maintain the same feeling!

And really, any movie that can pull off a gag like this probably deserves your time.


Very yes.

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