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First Look at Pixar’s Latest Short, Feast, As Well As Riley From Inside Out

Hairy baby!


Gosh, does Pixar have a lot of cute stuff in the works. Tiny Boston terriers? Adorable 11 year old girls with anthropomorphized emotional spectrums? Yes, please.

Today the first official art from Feast, which was directed by Paperman’s Patrick Osborne and will premiere in front of Big Hero 6 in November, was released online. It depicts a tiny Boston terrier named Winston and was reportedly inspired by the 1 Second Everyday project. 


Agh. So cute. My heart.

Speaking of cute, while we’d already gotten a glimpse of the emotions from the upcoming Inside Out, which is about an 11 year old girl dealing with those aforementioned emotions. Now we’re finally getting to see the girl herself, Riley, in a sneak peek on the Disney Anywhere website. It’s not an embeddable video and you need an account to access it, unfortunately, but take it from us: she’s adorable.


/Film also caught this great screenshot of the animation process, too:


MARSHMALLOWS ON A FIRE-HEAD. I have wanted this since Hercules. Thank you, Pixar.

(via /Film)

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