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Firefly to Air (In Syndication) on The Science Channel

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

No, Firefly isn’t coming back with new episodes.  But it is coming back to television.  The Science Channel (yes, the Science Channel) has grabbed the rights to play the show in syndication, beginning on March 6th.  It will be the first time the show has been television since 2008, when it was broadcast on Universal HD.

In a time when the Sci-Fi, wait, sorry, Syfy channel is collecting reality shows like candy and expanding its coverage of WWE wrestling, it obviously falls to the History Channel spinoff to safeguard the original science fiction of the modern era.  Well, of almost ten years ago, anyway.  And so the Science Channel quietly announced as much in a press release a few days ago, which also included a… quaint synopsis of the show’s characters.

The wealthy and secretive Simon (Sean Maher) joined the crew as the ship’s doctor in the hopes of protecting his emotionally fragile, yet intellectually gifted younger sister, River (Summer Glau).

Ok, seriously, that’s like a spoiler for the very first episode.

Anyway, looks like it’s time for you to round up your friends who still haven’t downloaded, bought, borrowed, or otherwise experienced Firefly, and tell them that it’s coming straight to them, the lazy bums.

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