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Grappling Hook Made With a Fire Extinguisher

MIT student Christian Reed decided to make his own grappling hook gun after being unable to find instructions on the Internet regarding how to make one. He ended up making it using a fire extinguisher as a main component, because that’s what you do when you’re an everyday grappling hook Joe and don’t have the fancy tools superheroes tend to have. After he constructed the gun, he posted the instructions on the Internet so future people who want to make a grappling hook don’t run into the problem of a lack of Internet-stored instructions and then have to figure out how to make their own, then end up having to post those instructions on the web. Christian is saving you future grappling hook Joes time.

Read on below to see a video of the hook in action, and check out the instructions over on Instructables.

(Gizmodo via Geekologie)

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