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‘Fire Emblem Engage’ Is Bringing Back My Favorite Class

Toothpaste Chan confirmed.

Next year the latest installment in the Fire Emblem series will arrive and despite some of the mixed responses concerning the lead character’s design, Engage seems to be pulling from decades of Emblem lore to craft its story. This will include returning heroes as Emblems and the return of a certain magic class.

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During an explanation of how Celica from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia works as an engaged mechanic, you can see that one of the new characters is in the Witch class. We see Celica paired with new character Céline—the First Princess of Firene and the younger sister of Alfred, a horse boy with a lance.

What makes the Witch class so cool is the ability called “warp” where your unit can move very far on the map. It was first introduced in Fire Emblem Gaiden and remade in Shadows of Valentia. I first got exposed to it in Fates, when a DLC allowed you to get a Master Seal of a Witch’s Mark that allowed one female unit to transform into the Witch class. Three Houses introduced the class of Gremory, which allowed female units to have powerful light and dark magic, while the Witch class is primarily about dark magic. Look, healing is important, but maybe I want to crush my enemies with fire magic.

In Engage, Celica’s ability will allow you to blast enemies from super long ranges, which, I love. Fire Emblem Engage will have a lot to live up to considering just how beloved Three Houses has been, but I think the nostalgia of bringing in older characters (hi, Lyndis!) will help make people who wouldn’t care check it out.

(via Nintendo Life, featured image: Nintendo)

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