Finnish Coffee Shop Lets You Troll Its Customers Over the Internet

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Kauko, a coffee shop in Helsinki Finland, is conducting an experiment. Not some kind of boring experiment with control groups and use of the scientific method, no. Kauko is engaging in mad science, conducting an experiment with little discernible purposes, countless variables, and the potential for hilarious videos. Kauko has adjustable seats, tables, music, and lights that can be controlled over the Internet by anyone who happens to feel like it.

That’s right, even you can go to Kauko’s website and adjust some poor soul’s chair to be entirely too high and then blast the music when he tries to pick up his phone. The best part is that you can watch his reactions on the live stream as you torment him. This whole thing raises two major questions. First of all, why would anyone go here? Simple, the coffee is free. The bigger, more difficult question is just plain old “Why?” As it turns out, Helsinki was named the 2012 World Design Capital, and this is apparently some kind of celebration of that fact. Regardless, it’s just funny.

This is definitely something I want to check out, but it’s worth remembering that Helsinki is a good 7 hours ahead of all of us on the East Coast. The rest of you can do your own math. That being said, the time difference might actually work to your advantage, I mean, what better way to end your day than by making the beginning of someone else’s miserable and weird?

(via Gizmodo)

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